Simple Massage for Simple Headaches

Headache Therapy

Headache Therapy

Do you feel like going to bed because you’re feeling sleepy due to your headache, or you cannot concentrate on what you’re doing because of headache, or feeling like you need to recharge at least a minute?

I have seen people like that and many of them have the problem while having an important meeting, or activities that require them to be present thus they have no way to rest until they could feel better.

One of them is our head teacher in charge in our school where my third child is enrolled in high school. We were about to start our meeting but I observed her face to be like carrying the whole world. It was obvious she hadn’t had the vivacity she used to have whenever we were having a meeting.

One of our companions mentioned about her being not in the mood which she answered her head pain was killing her.

With a doubt she will accept my help to give her a quick head massage, I said, I will try to touch her head. Without any question, she sat down and accepted my offer, a sign she was really in need of help and rest if only she can asked the option.

After 10 minutes of giving a palm stroke on her forehead and some finger pressure on the back of her neck, her face lit up like her normal. Thus, the meeting went on and we were able to finish in three hours with her smile and without her complaining of headache.

I want to share the simple techniques because I know many of us are having the feeling almost every day. You can apply it to friends, family members, and to your own whenever the need arises.

  1. Have the subject sit on a comfortable chair while you can stand behind or in her side. You can also sit on a higher chair in order to not get tired.
  2. Put one hand back of the head as support while the other open hand touches the forehead.
  3. Let as assume you’re in the right side of the subject, which means your left hand is supporting the back of the head while the right hand is touching the forehead. Now, let your right hand moves wiping the forehead towards the top of the head.

    Do it 3-5 times and cover also the sides of the head giving attention to the hairline.

  4. Now, let your open right hand supports the head by holding it on the forehead. The left hand now do the work by slightly kneading the muscles of the back of the neck going up to the ridge of the head or hairline. Give slight pressure(against the bone) on the occipital region and at the center of the back of the head.

    Do it for at least 30 seconds to one minute.

  5. Finger walks/shampoo moves the whole head by running your fingers on the scalp. Right hand first from the forehead to the center of the head for at least 5 times then do the back of the head by using the left hand fingers. Another variation maybe using the right hand fingers moving straight to the back of the head.
  6. For the finishing touches, cover the eyes (while closed) with both open hands and wipe by pulling your hands on the sides of the head. Also, give wipes to the whole face like giving facial massage. Lastly, give slight kneads; slight hacking, and cupping on the shoulders.

All the moves enumerated can be done as self-massage and is best practiced to ourselves in order to understand how one feels when given to somebody.

Note: Your headache maybe caused by lack of water intake, so, be sure to drink plenty of WATER (NOT carbonated drinks or artificially made juices).

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