Simple Remedy for Hemorrhoid

When you feel like you don’t want to go get up from sitting on the toilet seat because you feel like there is still some stuff coming out, then you are a candidate for getting hemorrhoid if you don’t already have it. The feeling is like urine that doesn’t seem to finish when comparing it to overactive bladder.

In my practice as massage therapist, I learned that one of the easiest to treat, aside from headaches, and back-pains, is hemorrhoid. But, it is strange why modern medicine make a big deal in treating it. It is ridiculous that patients have to pay big sum of money just to, at least, ease their problem. And what’s funny is usually the result is not even close to what was promised.

There are three things to do to completely ease-up or possibly treat hemorrhoid without surgery. I learned this from my course of practicing massage to people who have faith and trust to the ability of massage to treat their problems – in this case is hemorrhoid. How I learned massage could ease and treat hemorrhoid was an accidental thing. Some of my patients came back for more treatment not for their old problems but for their hemorrhoid problem. They told me that the abdominal massage I did to them eased up their problem. Heal is an overstatement but I could say that it is very possible if aside from abdominal massage, additional remedies will also be followed by the patient.

I will discuss them here, because as normal human being I was also a candidate of getting the Hemorrhoid price for being irresponsible on my health, just lucky to learn earlier on how to deal with it and able to live free from its nuisance.

First: Diet

I believe everyone knows the best sources of fibers because it is not hard to research it. However, let me suggest few foods I experienced that gave me the bowel movements I needed and helped “massaged” muscles of my intestines all the way down to the sphincter muscles of the anus.

A. Persimmon ( not very ripe)
B. Boiled sweet corn (maize)
C. Rice (white or brown) – best if husks were manually removed by pounding it the traditional way(wash sparingly to not remove the essential vitamins before cooking)
D. Whole wheat
E. Guava(you can remove the pits)

There are many more foods that give the same effect as the ones mentioned. Why, you might ask, those foods can make one constipated? People sometimes understand constipation means having a big hard stool, but let us understand that constipation is when you don’t move your bowels regularly which means doing it every three days or more. What we want actually is a stool that is not wet and soft. We want to have a firm but not dry stool – one that moves every day, not twice to thrice a day, and for sure, not every other day or more days in between. It may make the passing out of stools slower when we sit on the toilet bowl, but it will give you that “Anal Massage” on the rectum and sphincter muscle of the anus we need. In fact, when the intestines are healthy, there’s no need to strain when passing the stool.

However, while there are foods that can help, some foods are supposed to be avoided or eaten in moderation. Meat ought to be consumed in as little amount as possible, especially beef. Avoid oily foods because too much oil prevents the absorption of enough liquid of the food residues passing our intestines. Hot spices must be taken moderately of avoided because it makes the intestines’ peristaltic movement more than usual and it gives us the feeling of not being finished from our toilet business besides making the rear hurts.

Second: Being physically active

Any activities will do, but if you can do things that work out the abdominal organs then is much better. Examples: Running, Jogging, Skipping rope, shoveling, Pilate’s movements, yoga.

Three: Massage

How is your bowel movement? Do you move your bowels two or more a day? Many people I asked said they have an excellent bowel movement because they do it twice to three times a day. Well, I tell you that is not a good sign of healthy intestines. Healthy intestines should give out stools which are firm and with enough moist. When it is soft and watery, it indicates that the intestines are not absorbing all the water and nutrients of the food we have eaten. This is where abdominal massage is very helpful.

Learn Abdominal massage

1. Do the abdominal massage. I discussed this procedure in one of my posts, “Ultimate Massage For Sciatica”. Abdominal massage is the most promising remedy to relieve, and probably stop and treat hemorrhoid. It strengthens the intestines, and makes it healthy to absorb the nutrients from our food, leaving the rests firm and not wet and soft. When we have unhealthy intestines, the tendency for it is to become weak then prolapsed resulting in hemorrhoid. Abdominal massage can help by replacing the prolapsed intestines, in addition to strengthening it back to health.

2. Massage around the anus. Press against the bone. This is much more effective than the Kegel exercise other people are trumpeting in books and internet. Using this technique coupled by eating the fruits and foods suggested above will stop your problem almost immediately, if it is not chronic, else it will take a month or two.

Lastly, when you know a significant amount already was out, but still feeling there are more, you better stand up and wait for the next urge to evacuate. Because the more you sit down on the seat, the more chance you gonna push your rectum out.

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