Simple Remedy for Itchy Ear

Itchy Feather Remedy

One of the old folks traditional way to remedy itchy ears

Here is one the things I enjoyed doing when we were kids and still enjoying it today. And, not only me now, my little girl who is two years old like it very much that a day will not pass by without her getting a feathering in her ears.

Ear feathering was a common practice we learned from our parents. We use feather which we removed hairs from the bone while a centimeter of few hairs are left on the tip, then cut it about three inches long. We insert the feathery part inside our ear canal, being careful not to push in so much, then twirl it as fast as we can with our thumb and forefinger.

In fact, I forgot using this practice for a long time since I came to live here in the city, when I came to enroll for my college education, from the province where life was much simpler. Here in the city, the cotton buds is the popular one and there are no fowls to give the feather I needed, so, that probably made me forgot about the habit.

However, more than ten years later, the itchiness inside my ear cannot be satisfied by the cotton buds, so, when I was walking on the street and saw a feather of a dove lying on the ground, I took it and made it as an ear-feather. Oh, boy, how I felt so relieved after twirling the tip of the feather inside my ears, all the itchiness were gone and I felt I could hear a sound even a mile away.

Then, about five months ago before my little girl had her 2nd birthday, I noticed how much she tried to scratch hear ear, it is the ear that got infection when she was 5 months old. Using a flashlight, I peeped inside her ear, and I saw it was alright, however, it has a little redness on the skin. My wife brought her to an ear doctor but told my baby’s ear is fine.

However, the itchiness of her ear must be always coming back and intense that she doesn’t know what to do while scratching it with her fist and fingers. My wife tried to help her by using a cotton bud to clean her itchy ear which help maybe for a minute then returned again to her scratching.

Then one night, I found a feather inside my drawer where my computer is placed. It’s a feather with few hairs left 1 cm down from the tip and clean feather bone cut three inches long. I used the feather a few months ago to feather- scratched inside my ear each time it got itchy that stretching the earlobes and putting in my forefinger to reach the itchy part won’t help much.

Then I remembered my little girl’s problem. I called her and had her sat on my lap. Her left side of the head resting on my left arm so that her right ear is exposed for me to enter the feather tip.

When I put in the feather and started to twirl, she shivered then immediately touched her ear then let it go again while she looked at me with a smile. I asked if it’s painful or it’s itchy, she just laid her head back into my arm and as if saying “it’s alright papa, here is my ear.” I continued to feather her ears while her hand goes back and forth to her ear. I also did the other ear then she learned to turn over her head to have both ears feathered after the other in succession.

She enjoyed the treat very much that she drooled and looks satisfied – then she closed her eyes to sleep.

The trouble is since that day, she always come into my drawer looking for a feather and gives it to me to feather her ears. She also learned to use her forefinger to dig it in but to no use, so, I had no choice but feather her ear.

In order to not overdo, I just feather lightly outside the ear canal to satisfy her.

Basic Ear Therapy

I mentioned earlier about pulling the earlobe of my ears to relieve it from itchiness – it’s a very effective thing to use in order to avoid inflammation inside the ear, and to relieve it from itchiness. I can’t explain it how things work but if you’re interested just follow these simple two basic techniques.

1. Clip the lowest part of the ear between the thumb and forefinger then gently pull it down and hold for a few seconds. One should feel a pull going inside the ear affecting the itchy part, or inflamed part. Practice will teach you how to do it properly.
2. Press the little bony part of the lobe just outside the entrance to the ear canal.

Doing these two procedures can help very much in many ear problems, including temporary deafness. Just a little practice and the correct procedure will be learned. Just feel that the movements being done relieve the problem you want to treat – whether itchiness, inflammation, or deafness.

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  • Jimmy Joe Ballzwick

    it seemed like a good way to combat inner ear canal itchiness but it ended up making me very dizzy (attack of vertigo?) and caused a tinnitus flare up like a freight train but only in one ear.

  • Hi there, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this blog post. It was helpful.
    Keep on posting!

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