Supplemental Massage to Enhance Sex Vitality

The most common question asks by men when they hit 50’s is what points they can stimulate to enhance their sexual energy. This is the reason I thought of sharing what I know about the other points we need to always massage in order to help keep our sexual vitality in good condition.

This technique is better learned by both partners so they can do it anytime when the needs come or as maintenance not only for their sexual vitality but as an overall health care. But first of all be sure to have the whole body treatment and use this only in between.

Buttocks massage

1. Use palm pressure on top of all the buttocks muscles. Pressure can be heavy, however, decide based on your partner’s body  structure.
2. Put both palms on either side of the buttocks then squeeze. Pressure is same with step 1.
3. Now for a more pinpointed pressure, use thumbs to press on the sides of both buttocks. Gauge your pressure according to the    feedback of your partner.

Sacral Points

4. Now, use your thumb to press the center of the sacrum. Start at the lumbar area going down at the center to the tail bone or   tip of the sacrum. 3-5 counts.

5. Using the thumb, press above the iliac crest simultaneously or one after the other. Start from the center of the lower back,   at the lumbar 5 area, and then press outwards to the sides. It can be done together using both thumbs. 3-5 counts.

6. Now press both side of the sacral bone simultaneously or one after the other. 3-5 counts.

All the procedures above shall be done three repetitions (3X) or up to 5X at the minimum. Maximum depends on how strong the applications. Pressure on steps 4-6 should be mild.

For the finishing touch use step number one or palm pressure on all the buttocks muscles.


Instead of using pressure techniques, use rubbing and friction techniques to massage all the points, however, retain step number 2 – but this time use oil to not scrape the skin.

While this technique and the others I discussed in my previous posts can boost and improve sexual vigor, one should not forget the other four basic requirements of good health: Rest, Working exercise, diet, and spiritual strength.

I also want to reiterate that these are all based on my own experiences and experience of a few friends I shared it, thus, it does not replace a doctor’s advice.

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