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Get Rid of Your Back Pain

  I cannot believe that back pain is still one of the physical debilitating problems of people today when it is, in my opinion, should not be the case. I had experience back pain several times, but it never lasts longer than a day, though, I have to admit that longtime ago, some pains lasted longer – with one lasted for almost two months – that was when I had sciatic problem and do not know yet […]

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Understanding Back-pain

Reading the subjects about back-pains from the internet, books, and advises from back pain specialists make anyone who wants to understand the problem more confused. Furthermore, the treatments are also confusing and complicated. There is no specific treatment advice that can surely help a sufferer. I could say that most advices or treatment possibilities are base on presumption that it could help the patient. In addition, most of the reasons given as caused of the problem are, […]

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