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How to Get Rid Of Itchy Callus

As a young kid grown up in the farm, I experienced what not about physical problems, from dislocations, back-pain, muscle pains, foreign objects getting into the eyes, wounds from sickle, and many common problems farmers get – I got them all – and the one of the things I want to share here is an itchy bottom of the foot. I am sharing it here because I just had a problem about an itchy callus which bothered […]

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Massage Remedy For Callus Problem

One of the problems that bothers a lot of people is callouses. This is a thickened skin that can be found in the sole of the foot, sides of the big toe and small toe. On the tips of the fingers of guitar players, or on the palms of plumbers, carpenters, and to everyone who does manual jobs. Checking the websites for topic about calluses will give you almost all the explanations you wanted to know. One […]

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