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Dangers of Massage

Like any other kinds of therapy, massage has its own dangers. In my more than 20 years of doing massage, there is one place, of the body, believed to be a dangerous spot that caused the death of some clients. I was warned many times that massaging the back of the neck is dangerous. In effect, some patients were wary to have massage for this reason alone (I thank the One who gave talents and skills- no […]

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The Dark Side of Massage

While massage is mainly used as prevention for sickness, first aid, complimentary treatment, and for treating body ailments, it is sad to know that it is also used as front for activities contrary to law, and human standards. Front for Prostitution It is not new for massage practitioners to hear news about massage places being raided by police officers because of offering a “happy ending” services to their customers. The practice is popular in almost every place […]

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