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Head massage Therapy Secret (Points to massage)

It is astounding to learn that millions of people are suffering from simple headaches to migraine headaches. When I learned head massage, I thought, people should not be suffering from it and not spending so much on drugs to treat it. The first time I got interested with head massage therapy was when I read a part of an article, written on a torn leaf of a magazine, I picked up from a footpath. It said that […]

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Massage For Eye Problems

Many people have decreased eyesight that they are force to use eyeglasses up to a point they were advise to have surgery which is unnecessary. Blurry eyes, teary eyes, sty, and many eye problems can be solve with this simple techniques of eye massage. This simple technique can maintain your eyesight and can solve most of whatever problems with your eyes if they were not injured and are not caused by a disease like diabetes, and kidney […]

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