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Is Massage Addicting?

Many people are saying they are addicted with massage because they feel their body is always aching to have it and this is one of the reasons why some don’t want to try it or does not want to have it again. At first, I thought it was just kind of a joke that people were saying it is addicting because they don’t have money, or they wanted to tease and stop their friends in having it. […]

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Tips To Massage Your Pain Away

The most obvious reason why people do not want to have another session of therapeutic massage is that there is a terrible pain they feel after the treatment. While it is normal to feel like you just climbed up the highest mountain, or just had a boxing match a day after a session of massage, it should be pains accompanied by relief, and the patient should be walking now if he were not able to walk before […]

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Massage And Caregiving

Can massage be used in care giving? Yes! Many of my friends massage their patients even if they do not know exactly how it is done. But most of them said their patient shows an improvement to a lingering pain or they walk better after a period of giving them massage treatment. I won’t disagree because I myself have proven many times that massage helps – in care-giving. One of my patients had a surgery on the […]

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