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Simple Massage for Simple Headaches

Do you feel like going to bed because you’re feeling sleepy due to your headache, or you cannot concentrate on what you’re doing because of headache, or feeling like you need to recharge at least a minute? I have seen people like that and many of them have the problem while having an important meeting, or activities that require them to be present thus they have no way to rest until they could feel better. One of […]

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Head massage Therapy Secret (Points to massage)

It is astounding to learn that millions of people are suffering from simple headaches to migraine headaches. When I learned head massage, I thought, people should not be suffering from it and not spending so much on drugs to treat it. The first time I got interested with head massage therapy was when I read a part of an article, written on a torn leaf of a magazine, I picked up from a footpath. It said that […]

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