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The best way to avoid acid reflux and how to relieve it

There are lots of advice from the internet and books on how to manage your heartburn but most of it are just temporary relief or it doesn’t work at all. From experience, I learned the best way to not have it is to avoid it. Which means never develop heartburn in the first place because it is not a very good experience. It can lead to many sickness, such as, diabetes, heart problem, chest pains or angina […]

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Massage Remedy for heartburn

Acid reflux or heartburn is a simple problem, but if it is not check, this could be an indication of something worse to come if not given attention early enough. I have a hunch that people who have problems with their pancreas, stomach ulcers, and other internal problems suffered from this simple health nuisance, like feeling nauseous, and regurgitation, before it developed to a chronic problem. I believe everyone experienced it, not only once but many times. […]

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