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How Massage Can Help Stroke Patients?

Years of experience as massage therapist made me learned massage ALONE cannot cure or heal stroke patients as claimed by many so called “gifted” massage practitioners in the Philippines. It helped stroke victims recover, yes, but not as an exclusive therapy!   How massage help?  Massage works well as the first step to reactivate muscles before any physical exercise is given.  Massage passively assists the muscles improve its strength faster than waiting for time to heal it. […]

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Ilot Therapy Saved his Mother from Death

His mother had a stroke and brought to the hospital. Luckily the doctors and nurses were able to revive her after she was thought to be dead. After she was revived, however, the doctors told them she had no chance to recover and may passed away anytime soon. So, some members of the family went home to prepare the house and everything for the inevitable passing of their mother. She was unconscious and the blood pressure was […]

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