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A Masseur’s Ingenious Technique

When we had our training in Tuina therapy five months ago sponsored by the Department Of Health of the Philippines, I had a chance to meet massage therapists from the remote places of Cordillera. During our breaks, we had a chance to ask the others to give us treatment, like, when one have headaches, back-pains, and other physical discomforts. I found that most of those attendees were novice; however, a few I can consider as closed to […]

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Massage Technique to Save Your Knees

I am amaze to know that many players in sports are in jeopardy of retiring earlier than their age should dictate just because their knees are giving up too fast. And I am worried that two of my favorites will be forced to retire soon because of their knee troubles. I cringe that their physical therapists, including their health physicians cannot do anything despite perhaps having the most advanced technology they have to solve the problem. As […]

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Important Point for Leg Fatigue, Sciatica and Varicose Vein

This point is one of the points I discovered to be very important in managing leg fatigue, sciatica like pain, cramps, and probably to prevent the formation of varicose veins or even improving it. Don’t worry when you feel a thumb-size lump, it shows you found the right spot. It varies in size and rigidity. It can be quite painful; hence, precaution and measured pressure must be observed when it is being work on until the patient […]

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No To Surgery, Yes To Massage

A few days ago, while we were playing dart at our hang-out, I overheard a buddy telling one of our friends he is being scheduled by his doctor to have a surgery on his left ankle joint. Inquisitively, I asked why. He said the pain that has been causing him distress for months is not getting better- impending his movements. Actually, I asked this fellow a month ago why he is limping, but the people around us […]

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Simple Remedy for Hemorrhoid

When you feel like you don’t want to go get up from sitting on the toilet seat because you feel like there is still some stuff coming out, then you are a candidate for getting hemorrhoid if you don’t already have it. The feeling is like urine that doesn’t seem to finish when comparing it to overactive bladder. In my practice as massage therapist, I learned that one of the easiest to treat, aside from headaches, and […]

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