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Penile Exercise

        Sorry, but the title is in fact about simple body stretching that could help promote circulation to your penis, and help correct your erection problem. Aside from the penile massage, I found exercise that has a direct effect on maintaining the health of our (men’s) pride. The exercise is very simple, and the effect of the stretching can be felt on the penile trunk, and sometimes even going to the tip of the […]

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Penile Massage 11

In general, getting a full body massage to promote a good fluid circulation of the body is the best start. Now, if you’re getting it regularly, request from your masseur to give more attention to these parts of the body and use the suggested techniques: 1. Whole Back – A. Light to medium thumb pressure between the spinal bones. Key: Use the edge of the thumb to have a better contact on the connective muscles. B. Thumb […]

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Penile Massage

Men do you have these following problems? Here is a priceless secret I am going to reveal to you. 1. Always feel a stinging sensitivity in the tip of your penis when you urinate. 2. You feel itchiness where the urine passes through. 3. A feeling of like never finished urinating and no matter how you wiggle to the right and to the left you still always catch a drop of urine in your underwear. 4. Weak […]

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