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Penile Massage

Men do you have these following problems? Here is a priceless secret I am going to reveal to you. 1. Always feel a stinging sensitivity in the tip of your penis when you urinate. 2. You feel itchiness where the urine passes through. 3. A feeling of like never finished urinating and no matter how you wiggle to the right and to the left you still always catch a drop of urine in your underwear. 4. Weak […]

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Massage Lesson: Natural Remedy on the Footpath

The way I learned massage was something I cannot explain to myself until now. There were many things happened which I cannot find the exact words to describe it – things that gave me enthusiasm to practice it. Like this story that I am going to tell here now. It happened August 1988, when I was working as a laborer in one of the residential home my cousin was building. It was almost a month that it […]

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The Healing Power of Massage!

Do you know that MASSAGE can treat the following physical problems? Sciatica Back Pain Acid Reflux Erection Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation Incontinence Feeling like you bladder is not completely emptied and the drip-drop of urine seems has no end. After urination you still feel the urine is on the tip of your penis and your underwear always get the last drop. Prostate problem Sensitive pain on the testicle. Inability to conceive a child Painful sex in women Blurry […]

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