The Abdominal Line or Linia Nigra

It pays to learn some bodysigns manifested by a client’s body to understand their complaints better. It is commonly known that when a person has brittle nails, it could be a sign of iron deficiency, or yellowish skin color maybe a sign of jaundice.

During the first ten years of doing massage, I have noticed some of my clients having this dark line in their abdomen, both men and women. Then towards the end of 1990s, I noticed that it slowly appeared in my abdomen – on the lower part of the navel and going straight to the upper part of my navel. During that time, I was so stressed with many works, because as a new father, I had to earn more. And towards the middle part of year 2000, it reappeared. The second time, I was very stressed from my work as a caregiver and other problems common to OFWs away from their families. I am thankful that on both cases, through exercise and abdominal massage, in addition to managing myself to lessen the stress of my work, I am able to erase the lines.

From those experiences, I started to observe people with linia nigra. People with the line have one or more common problems: Gassy stomach, acid reflux, constipation, stressed, back-pains, sexual problems are just some of the main concerns.

But, I am amazed that even a baby can have such line on their abdomen, too. When my wife got pregnant with our last baby girl, I knew that the line on her abdomen was caused by her being pregnant, but when she gave birth to our baby girl, I was astonished my baby also had a dark line below her navel.

As I expected my baby had gas and trouble about her vowel movements. My wife had the same problem, too. I am glad that from my own experiences, I am able to treat their problem by using my knowledge of massage and some adjustments on my wife’s food.

There you are – linia nigra is not just a simple mark on the abdomen. It is a line signifying something is not right with our health or daily life.

I suspect that when a person is under intense pressure, and stress, the colon is the first to be affected. As I stated earlier, people with this line have gassy stomach, bloating, constipation, and distended/prolapsed colon when it’s already chronic; in addition to feeling stomach pain which others always suspect they have ulcer. The darker the line, the graver the problem is.

What do you think?

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