The Advantage Of Massage

Massage is very convenient for anyone who wants to use it as a first aid to pains.

Let us take headaches for example.

Back in the late 80’s when I just beginning to appreciate the effectiveness of massage to treat simple pains, I learned to use it wherever I am. On the bus, in a party, at work, inside a taxi, and anywhere you are massage is very handy to use.

Using massage to cure headacheWhenever I feel headache I look for a comfortable spot to rest my elbow and use my arm to support my head. While resting my head on the fleshy pad of my fingers or pad of my hand, my fingers start to walk on my head trying to locate points that can give me the relief I need. In few minutes, my headache is gone.

Another way to relieve headache is to massage the back of your neck, and top of your shoulders.

But, warning! Because of the pleasure you derive from massage, you may be wishing to have headaches or body pains at least once in a while to enjoy the exhilarating effect of massage!

What’s good about massage, too, is not like drugs that is addicting aside from the bad side effects they cause to the body.

In massage, the body will say you don’t need it. Because the touch you feel will be like just an ordinary touch without the sweet-pain.

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