The best way to avoid acid reflux and how to relieve it

There are lots of advice from the internet and books on how to manage your heartburn but most of it are just temporary relief or it doesn’t work at all.

From experience, I learned the best way to not have it is to avoid it. Which means never develop heartburn in the first place because it is not a very good experience. It can lead to many sickness, such as, diabetes, heart problem, chest pains or angina pectoris, sciatica and backpain, headaches, and many more. But if you want to prove if I am correct you’re free to develop your own heartburn.

How to avoid it? The number one rule: Never eat too much. When Jesus said, “It is not bread alone that man lives but by the words of G-d” he was telling the truth.

Observe yourself when you have overeaten. Many people are dying from heart attack and stroke just because they over stuff their medium size stomach. If you’re over stuff, your stomach will work hard and produce a lot of acid to digest the foods you ate causing the stomach to overheat. When there’s so much heat it can cook the organs near your stomach causing them to malfunction. The weakest organ will then create problem which in turn will be misdiagnosed by your doctor.

One can eat everything as long as it’s all in moderation.

There was a Jewish man I met in Jerusalem. If my friend who was working with them did not tell me he was 95 years old I would have never known. In fact, when I saw him sitting in their living room, I thought he was the first child of the old lady my friend was taking care of. I was guessing he was only 60-65 years old. So, I was so amazed when I learned of his real age.

The first thing I asked when I sat opposite him was “What is your secret that you look like almost half your age?”

His short answer was, “Moderation in all the things you do.” Example, when he goes for a jog he doesn’t do it like what the others do as they overwork their muscles.” Or when he eats, he eats only enough to satisfy his hunger.

The point here is, if you do things in moderation, especially, on food, there is no chance you will develop heartburn.

I used to have heart burn. And the best remedy that solved it is by following the Jewish man advice, I eat moderately.

Now if you are suffering from heartburn already, you can remedy the problem by first, start eating in moderation. If you can, one day in a week try to eat only twice, like morning and evening for four times a month. Second, massage your abdomen by following the instruction in the video below.

The best way to stay healthy is within our own doing. I am glad I never visited a doctor for a general check-up and I believe I will never will.

By the way there’s another advice, one must do – Self-discipline.

And the only way to be strongly determined is when you follow God’s instructions which is written in the Bible. Because without it, the devil will always come to seduce you telling you food is tasty!


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