The Dark Side of Massage

While massage is mainly used as prevention for sickness, first aid, complimentary treatment, and for treating body ailments, it is sad to know that it is also used as front for activities contrary to law, and human standards.

Front for Prostitution

It is not new for massage practitioners to hear news about massage places being raided by police officers because of offering a “happy ending” services to their customers. The practice is popular in almost every place as proven by the recent newspapers reports about arrests done in the past days to massage establishments.

This practice has been giving massage a bad picture to the public. People have different reactions whenever they hear the word massage. Here in the Philippines, the dilemma of putting up a massage center is the notions that the place is also giving an extra service, especially when the practitioners are women. This is understandable because in many corners are massage places where in “Sweet and happy endings” are offered or a bargain can be made by the customer and the woman giving the service.

A tool for Abortion

As much as massage is an effective tool to help a woman conceive, help her to avoid caesarian delivery, and assist in positioning the baby to be delivered normally, massage is being used as a tool for Abortion.

I do not know in another country, however abortionists, or popularly known with the name as “Hilot,” have been the most popular way to abort a child in my country. This person uses his/her knowledge of massage to kill the fetus inside the womb, which trigger an abortion.

A woman who wants to abort an unwanted pregnancy goes to the place of the abortionist, which she had learned from asking other woman who had the same experience. This practice is, of course prohibited by the Philippine law that is why all deals are done in secret – but not with people who needs it.

The hilot will then apply abdominal massage. She works on the abdomen to find the fetus, and once it is found, she uses force to deliberately “crush the head” of the fetus. According to what I heard, this is a painful procedure; however, they have no choice – it is cheap and it solves their problem.

After the procedure, the woman goes home, and waits for a day or two days for the fetus to get out from her system.

However, the timing is very important. A woman who wants an abortion should be four weeks to six weeks, so that the procedure will be effective. If it is less than four weeks, the information I heard was the fetus is hard to locate. If it is more than eight – ten weeks, it is hard to “crush” it.

The truth is the hilots have their own standards or age bracket of a fetus subject for a kill. Some of these abortionists, set their time standard for up to two months, and the others have it until ten weeks. Their reason is that if the fetus is eight weeks to ten weeks, they considered the fetus to be a complete person; lower than that, is considered disposable because it is not yet a full human being.

But, some abortionists have no time standard at all. They consider anyone who comes to them as customer who needs their help. Now, if the unlucky thing is more than two months, an instrument is used, like forceps, which is very dangerous. Some women died of bleeding because of it.

Given this practice, massaging a pregnant woman is considered as a contraindication for massage, especially on the first few weeks.

The common customers of these practitioners are women who work in nightclubs, students, and some married women who want to control their children, and some unwanted pregnancies due to circumstances.

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