The Power of Tandok/ Lolop or Ventosa


Lolop (Loo= pronounced like the O in the word Too; Loop= like the word Loop), this is using the mouth to suck dead blood out from the person’s veins affected;

Tandok (Tan = Tan; dok=look), this is the use of a special stones or some people use a horn from a deer.

These methods of health remedy have been a traditional practiced by “gifted” Filipino healers for a long time together with massage(Ilot= ee-Loot) and herbology. Until now, people using special stone is no longer found or if there is one, one must go to the deep parts of the mountains to find villages that may still have one healer using it. The most common now is the use of horns like a cone with small opening(1mm diameter) on one end and a larger one(1 inch diameter) on the other end, and the use of glasses with small openings or at least 1-2 inch diameter or ventosa, a glass being used by the chinese.

Why Gifted? This is how people call people who have the ability to cure sickness without them going to colleges. They just emerge as somebody who can treat your body pains with massage(Ilot), herbs, and tandok. Their trademark is they don’t charge, and if they do, it is very minimal, something like the price of a kilo of sugar. The one that replaced my dislocated ankle about thirty years ago was paid P15 pesos/ visit. Not more and not less. If they charge their power will just get lost or their enthusiasm to treat people will be gone.

The skill can be learned by people who have the enthusiasm to use it and the talent is developed by continuous practiced.

The two cases below are just examples of the important uses of tandok or ventosa.


He always got dizzy and losing consciousness – anywhere. His problem didn’t select a time and place to attack. One time he was at the middle of his farm removing some grasses that are robbing the rice plants of nutrients, when the problem suddenly attacked. When he awoke, he was already in the hospital.

His Doctors diagnosed him to have hypertension or high blood pressure.

He spent, thousands of pesos for medicines and maintenance but to no effect. The problem always visits him, that he had to stay at home and no longer going out because he was afraid of what the problem does to him.

But, one time, when a nephew, he did not see for a long time, visited him learned of his problem, the nephew suggested to him to go and see a person who is doing ”sucking” or the use of a “TUBE” syringe-like as he described it to me, which he puts it on certain places of the body to suck dead blood out from the arteries or veins.

Mang Warling agreed to see the man because he wanted to be cured, so, they went together to the man’s place.

The man, whom they call Paeng, made a little incision on the skin of Mang Warling – on the shoulder area- then put the tube over the incision then sucked the blood. Mang Warling felt pain, like a simultaneous bite of ten ants, at first. Then after a while he felt like all the blood were being withdrawn from his head down to his shoulder where the paraphernalia is connected – he felt a tingling sensation and his feeling was getting better.

Both shoulders were incised and dead bloods were drawn from them. Then he did one on his head. He said there was a lot of black blood came out.

It’s now three months since that time, and he never had an attack of dizziness and never lost consciousness. Another bonus, he stopped taking his maintenance for high-blood pressure and hypertension.

A case of Rheumatism

One of my friends told me of his experienced more than 20 yrs ago.

He had a problem of weakness on his right leg. When he was walking, his leg suddenly gives way and he’ll just fall flat on the ground. This went on for 2 years. The doctors were just prescribing him pills for arthritic-rheumatism and pain relievers but without any positive result at all.

When he went home for a visit in his hometown, Tabuk City, someone suggested to him to go see a barber who is an expert of sucking “Colds” from the muscles and that this man’s reputation is known in their town.

So, he went to see the barber and told him he wants to have a haircut. While he was having haircut he told him his other purpose of seeing him – about his leg problem.

After the haircut, the barber, named Mundo, treated his problem. He made an incision on my friend’s lower back, then put a small glass bottle on top of the incised skin after burning a piece of cotton to remove the air inside the bottle. In few seconds, he felt a tingling sensation from his thigh. The barber, cleaned the place of incision and repeated the procedure two more times and in 15 minutes the treatment was over.

Until now, he never had the same problem again.

What do you think?

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