The Real Cause of Asthma and Simple Prevention

The experience I had about asthma had me question the reason(s) modern medicine is giving as the cause of asthma. I just can’t believe why most medical pundits say lung infection is causing asthma.

My experience taught me Asthma is not primarily about the lungs. Lung problem only occurs because air does not reach it during attack which causes it to be stressed and if this is repeated many times, then the lungs will eventually be affected and become inflamed.

From the few times of asthma attack on me, I observed asthma is a result by the inability of the airways going to the lungs to produce enough moist to trap dirt in the air we breathe.The air dries out the mucous lining of our respiratory system, thus, the natural reaction of our airway is to constrict causing us to choke, and not be able to breathe, and swallow.

How to prove this one? I don’t know of a sure way to prove it, but the first time I experience asthma attack was when I went to jog for the first time after a three years of not doing it. It was 9:30 a.m. The weather was sunny and was beginning to get hot. I had not finished a kilometer yet when I felt the air I was breathing was drying my soft palate or the area the air from my nose passes by. As I continued jogging, I noticed my breathing was getting shorter and shorter, until I could no longer breathe. The soft palate seems to have inflamed and swelled blocking the air from nose. My only remedy was to open my mouth as an alternative for the air to get into my lungs.

I stopped jogging and wet my mouth on a faucet installed for drinking. Although, there was still tightness on my breathing, I continued walking, and for about 10 minutes I was again breathing normal. But it was not long. After a few hundred meters of jogging – walking, the episode again happened. But this time, I could not even swallow. This is where my instinct as a massage practitioner kicked in (I remembered from past experiences, when I had the same problem of not being able to swallow when i was drinking ice-cold water that caused my swallowing muscles numb and the soft palate swelled) automatically I pressed below my front jaw and that made me swallow again, thus, I was able to sip some water, slowly. And to ease the swelling on my throat, I massaged my front neck – from below the jawbone down towards the clavicle.

The event reminded me of a cousin, ten years before, who told me the same kind of feeling when he got an attack of asthma. So, I understood then I had asthma episode. Occasionally from that time on, I had some sudden strike of asthma. However, I considered it as a blessing. It made me understand why the so called asthma experts say dusts, pollens, and dry weather are triggers of asthma – because I went through them. And from those experiences, I learned to deal with it, and was able to overcome it.

My cousin reduced his asthma attacks by going to jog every morning. I did the same, but I also learned other ways to deal with it, and probably the most important is, to be able to almost eliminate my asthma. Yeah, I still have some minor episodes, when I forget to not do one or two of the things I enumerated below as my way of naturally sidestepping occurrence of asthma.

As one who believes on natural healing, my instinct taught me what to do – I am glad it worked. Thus, if it worked for me, maybe it will also work to some who wants to try it.

Simple natural things to do to overcome asthma:

1. Avoid very cold drinks. Drink room temperature liquids, or drink it warm. Cold drinks constrict the nerves of the soft palate causing it to numb and become dry.

2. Avoid or minimize foods with mono-sodium glutamate, and foods high in salt. Too much salt can cause as to thirst more and wants to drink cold water.

3. Avoid oily foods, especially, fried in cooking oil repeatedly used, like fried street foods. In my experience, my soft palate feels dry, and feels like I have so much phlegm in my soft palate thus I have to force it out causing it to swell.

4. Always bring with you caramel candies, water, a fruit to munch, or anything that will keep your throat moist from time to time. Just a reminder, minimize intake of candy. Be more on water or fruits.

5. Do walking, Jogging, jumping rope, or any exercises, activities to make your lungs and diaphragm muscles work and develop their strength. Exercise not only forces phlegm and foreign objects in the lungs to come out, but also phlegm from the soft palate.

6. Deep breathing exercise every day. Aim to hold your breath as long as possible

7. When you cannot swallow during asthma attack, press the point below your front jaw to help you swallow.

8. To ease the swelling of the throat, use your thumbs to massage the whole part below the jawbones beginning from the center of the front jaw to the ears and back.

9. Also, give a slight massage on the trachea using the thumb and forefinger.

10. Lastly, minimize very sweet foods like chocolates, and ice cream. I don’t know but when I have eaten lots of sweets I felt my throat like being sensitive a bit.

asthma point

Point to press when there is difficulty swallowing

What to Do During Asthma Attack?

A person with asthma should be able to tell if his/her soft palate is dry and somewhat feels like swelled up.

When the soft palate gets dry it can swell and closed the air passage from your nose going into the lungs which results to hard breathing or wheezing sound.

When you are with someone who has asthma, then the wheezing sound might be a sign an attack is imminent, or if you’re the one having the problem then you should be able to tell that an attack is coming.

In addition, a sign of dry soft palate is sneezing. Because the soft palate is dry it can no longer traps foreign objects, like dusts, getting into the lungs causing the system to force it out through sneezing.

The following suggestions could help if it is done immediately:

1. If at home, the first thing to do is take a sip of warm water immediately if it is readily available or a sip of room temperature water.

2. If on a travel, take a candy. Avoid menthol candies. Or take a bite of apple, oranges, or any fruit to moist the soft palate.

3. During an attack, the patient may not be able to swallow so just press the point below the front jawbone.

What do you think?

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