Tips for Patients taking Dialysis

I have some customers of massage who are taking dialysis due to kidney failure. Most of them complains of being weak after few hours connected to the dialysis machine. However, there is one who said he doesn’t feel drained after each session.

Here is his tip:

1. Do not remove more than what your body can take.

His doctor advised him how much fluid needs to remove through dialysis.
Currently, he is being cleaned of 1 liter “dirt” or fluid from his blood. One time, when he requested to increase the fluid or dirt remove from him to 1.5 liter, he felt dizzy, so, he decided to stick to just 1 liter each time. Thus, he doesn’t feel weakish after each dialysis session.

Many dialysis patients are having the wrong belief that the more fluid removed from them will allow them to take in more fluids. In the contrary, the more fluids removed from the patient’s body the more vitamins and minerals are removed causing the body to feel very weak.

2. Get regular massage therapy at least 1 – 2X a week.

Since he was having a regular massage therapy his strength became very close to normal. If only he was not taking dialysis, he said his feeling should be perfect.

In fact, this patient recovered his normal urination, and just 2 weeks ago, his erection is back after accepting 10 years ago that he lost it, specially, when he started dialysis.

3. Of course, follow your doctor’s advice.

Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for advice on how to manage your health in order to recover your health.

4. Never loss hope

One of the worst thing one does is to get depress. It is like giving up yourself to die without a fight. He said, “I’ll die anyway, but why not try to give a fight. If I lost, at least I know I died fighting, but who knows if luck visits me during my fight and makes me win against all odds.”

5. Pray always

The best companion and giver of encouragement is still God. True, you have your family and friends but when you are alone all kinds of negative thoughts will try to sap you off your spirit forcing you to just give up. But when you pray, cry if you like, and talk to Him with all your heart, you will feel like you just had a long rest and ready to fight the enemy again.

What do you think?

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