Ultimate Massage Therapy for Sciatica

There is pain and numbness in your leg, which has been bothering you for quite some time. You cannot keep still while sitting down, or standing. You cannot explain the feeling of that nagging dull pain from the lowest lumbar joint going down to your hip joint then continues to travel to the leg and ending on the foot.

You tried everything to find a cure but nothing seems to be helping!

So, when the doctor suggested surgery, you are now ready to bite if that is the only solution left to solve the problem!


Due to frustrations and desperation from a killing pain is the common reason people accept surgery as the fastest and ultimate solution to their back pain.

Because they are convinced there’s no other alternative!

They tried everything including massage but nothing happened!

Now you want to give up!


When massage failed for the first time – try it again!

Try a massage technique I used to treat the same problem twelve years ago. I learned it when I was on the same pain like yours!
It is new that massage practitioners nowadays do not know yet!

Dull nagging pain radiating from my lower back (Left side affected) going down to the back of my left leg then to the foot.

My urination was not always complete. There was always the feeling of having to go and many times a drop or more always wet my underwear though I was standing for minutes trying to squeeze my bladder to the last drop! At night, I must get up 2-4 times just to empty my bladder – but there was not much coming out.

My left testicle was sensitive to touch. It was as if I had a hernia.

Then, it affected my upper left back and even feeling numbness on my left hand!

What depressed me much was I could not last more than five minutes in bed and there were times I lost the appetite of lovemaking because of the pain affecting my being as a man.

The problem was getting worst. I began to worry that I was in the first stage of having a prostate “cancer” as what some of the symptoms point out.

Friends advised me to go see a doctor but I refused. I already had a picture in my mind what the doctor was going to say. After going through many tests and prescribing you drugs, the last thing he would advise is surgery, which I dread so much.

Having seen many people who had the same problem that went to see a doctor – did not do better. In fact, their pain became worst and they now have more problems after they had surgery. Before surgery, they can do more works, after surgery, their pain might had been eased but their movements are already limited. Those observations were more than enough to scare me not to give in to the nagging pressures of my friends. Being a massage therapist for a long time, I believed there is a point to touch within the body to stop the pain; however, the problem was, “Where in the body?”

The books I searched for answer described the problem as sciatic pain – and might be a prostate problem. Having no access to internet yet when my problem was bothering me, I went to buy medical books to know more about my problem, also books about massage to see if anyone has a painless solution for it. Nevertheless, there was no convincing solution given; worst, as always, if the drugs will not help, the last resort is surgery.

I said, “No way!” No matter what happened I would never, resort to surgery because I have seen no one got better after a surgery to his or her back. In addition, of course, I do not have money or insurance to cover the thousands of dollars needed.

The only thing that was giving me strength was my belief that the Lord will soon reveal to me the solution. I prayed and hoped for a miracle.

I don’t know, but the Lord probably heard me, so, He gave me a friend who knows little about massage. But that little knowledge was enough to reveal to me the solution of my problem and possibly your problem or the problem of many more out there hoping for a miracle.

The Solution


The power of this technique is not limited to just sciatica but it is also very effective to treat many more problems, such as abdominal gas, bloating, heart burn, indigestion, relieve hemorrhoids and many more you’ll discover soon once you master the technique. And I believe pretty much there will be more problems to be discovered that abdominal massage can prevent and cure once it’s effectiveness will become a subject of many massage practitioners. In fact, the technique is being used for a long time to help women in the Philippines to conceive. It is believed that when the uterus is low or in a wrong position, the woman cannot conceive, and she always has miscarriages. Thus, the Hilot(Massage practitioner) massage the abdomen and push up the uterus and put it in its right place.
When the uterus is prolapsed, the woman will have problems of leg pain, lower back-pain, and pain during sexual intercourse.

I believe this is a general common problem of man. The internal organs prolapsed and cause numerous problems – and the most obvious one is sciatica.

Anyways, I will leave that theory to the pundits to prove. Thus let me present the solution I learned, and I hope it will help anyone who is interested to learn and apply it to ease or cure his or her sciatica.

A. Abdominal massage with a partner

****Facing the feet

1. Stay on the good side of the patient (opposite of the side with the problem or let as presume the problem is on the left side of the patient,so, stay on the right side) at the abdominal level – facing the feet.

2. Apply some oil over the abdomen and make it warm by rubbing back and forth in a circular motion or a semicircular motion.

3. Apply light pressure and feel for any tightness. If there are tightness make them relax by spending more time rubbing over them.

4. Now, form a V-shape with your both hands and put it over the lower abdomen with the problem or left side just above the pubic bone (Touch the pubic bone as your guide) Start it from there going to the right side.

****You can also start from the center going to the left and going to the right side.

5. Now slightly curl your fingers and push them in a little towards the floor then slowly pull them up (the patient with a problem always feel a pain specially at first)

6. As you reach the navel release it then repeat the procedure two or more times as you wish.

But, give a break for first timers, in between, to take a breather for it is a little uncomfortable to have this treatment for the first time.

7. When you feel the abdomen is relax try to go deeper every time you start to do procedure number 5.

8. Now go on the other side of the patient and do the same procedure.

***Facing the head

1. Facing the head of your partner, stay on the level of the hip where the pain is felt.

2. Apply oil and follow procedure number three as discussed earlier

3. Now, form a semi W with your thumbs touching each other on their tips. Put them on top of the lower abdomen on the side just above the pubic bone but about 2 inches away from the center.

Fig. 1 Abdominal Massage

4. Now, push in the thumbs slowly moving back and forth. (The purpose is to put the thumbs below the intestines)

5. when you feel you are deep enough ( about 1-2 inches) turn your thumbs so that your nails are in front of you.Then start to push upwards slowly towards the navel.

6. As you reach the navel, slowly release the pressure. Repeat several times covering the whole lower abdomen but give more
time to the side with the problem.

B. Abdominal massage without a partner (SELF MASSAGE)

1. Lie down in a supine position without cover on the abdomen

2. Apply oil over your abdomen, rub it until it is warm and you feel relax

3. Now form a V-shape with your both hands(forefingers touching each other)and put it over the lower abdomen on the side where you have the problem just above your pubic bone (Touch your pubic bone as a guide where to start.)

Fig. 2 Abdominal (Self) Massage

4. Slightly curl your fingers and try to dig deeper by moving your fingers back and forth – without releasing the pressure. Maintaining the pressure pull your fingers up in a scooping motion towards the navel.

5. As you reach your navel, slowly release the pressure. Give a break in between for the first time while taking a deep breath.

6. Repeat the procedures a few more times but this time you move it to the right side to cover your whole lower abdomen, then when you reach the other side, start from there going to where you started.

7. Repeat procedure number 4 several times on the part you have the problem.

When is the best time to do abdominal massage?

1. Abdominal massage is best done on an empty stomach

2. Early in the morning before drinking anything or any food.

3. At night but at least 2 hours after a meal.

4. Anytime of the day as long as the stomach is not full.

Some Notes:

1. Always ask for a feedback from your partner to readjust the pressure and you’ll be able to concentrate more on the parts that need more manipulation.

2. Take note of the gurgling sounds, and water flushing, painful areas – give more time to them.

3. Abdominal massage can cause some uncomfortable feeling especially on the following day after the treatment. Pain of abdominal cramps – it’s like your first time to do sit ups or shoveled snow on winter. This can be relieved by applying effleurage over the abdomen. The discomfort goes away in few days.

4. Treatment should be repeated every day to every other day (at least three treatments in a week) depending on the result of the first treatment until the problem is solved.

5. Usually the problem goes away immediately or after three sessions. When the pain goes away for the first time, expect this to always recur every month or every week because the ligaments are not yet strong enough to hold up the internal organs.

6. It is advisable to do some exercise that would strengthen the abdominal muscles and if possible those that would strengthen the internal organs. Jogging, rope skipping, jumping jacks are good exercises for internal organs.

7. You can treat only the side with the problem skipping the side without a problem; but for balance, it is advisable to
massage the whole abdomen.

8. I strongly suggest that learn this with your partner or a friend to have it handy. Treatment should be continuous until the problem is under control and possibly treated and gone. In addition, besides saving money, as you do the technique every day, you will become proficient in using it and can offer to teach others.

9. You might ask how long you’re going to have the treatment? The relief from the pain is almost immediate but it will return again on the same day or after a few days – depending on how the treatment was done.

When I was treating myself, I had one to two sessions a day for every other day or each time I feel the pain bothers me. That is why I suggest to learn it yourself and with your partner so that anytime of the day (usually morning and before eating in the evening) you can massage it.

If you’re doing exercises the treatment should last for 1-3 months. However, you should be ready to always have abdominal treatment once in a while. Do not wait until the problem is giving you sleepless nights before doing something again.

10. Before giving treatment, be sure to warn the patient of not taking any food before the treatment.

11. Just after treatment, the patient can drink a warm tea or warm water or eat; However for a better result patient should eat slightly and if possible one hour to two hours after the treatment.

12. Decrease the food intake during the first month of treatment.

13. Heavy weights must work to lose weight to make the treatment possible.


1. Gurgling/Flushing sound of water, and air. On the abdomen itself you will feel like some pockets are being drained of

2. Feeling of a slight pain in the testicle where a vein/nerve is like being pulled up. Feeling of like a vein connected
to your penis is stretched

3. A nerve or vein feels like being stretched on the leg down to the foot with a problem

4. A nerve being stretched at the back

5. Slight pain in the abdomen

6. Pain. First timers should do it slightly at first for few days then try to go deeper each time until the pain is
tolerable. The pain will become insignificant as time goes on.


If you have other health concerns, be sure to see your doctor to rule out any other problems.
If you have chronic constipation, be sure to start it lightly and go deep only when your bowel movements improved which might take a month or more. Eat more fruits, and vegetables.


Remember, even the best treatment could not result to miracle if the other basics of maintaining health are not done, such as rest, diet, exercise/physical activities, and self-discipline (spiritual)

What do you think?


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