Understanding Back-pain

Reading the subjects about back-pains from the internet, books, and advises from back pain specialists make anyone who wants to understand the problem more confused.
Furthermore, the treatments are also confusing and complicated. There is no specific treatment advice that can surely help a sufferer.

I could say that most advices or treatment possibilities are base on presumption that it could help the patient. In addition, most of the reasons given as caused of the problem are, in fact, the result of overworked muscles. Spinal stenosis, for example, is a condition where the passage of nerves along the spine narrows due to inflammation of muscles around it.

When you go see a doctor, he will diagnose you of having spinal stenosis as the cause of your back-pain. The recommended remedy would be to rest – and not just rest- one of my “patients” was asked not to bend, twist, or turn around his upper body, and worst, he was advised to quit from his work as caregiver because it involves lifting patients to transfer them from bed to wheelchair, and wheelchair to bed. For medication, he was given a plain pain reliever – a paracetamol. Then he was told to go back for further examination. If the pain does not stop, the doctor gave him the option of surgery to widen the narrowed space of the spine.

When he called me to give him massage treatment, I could see he was incredibly despondent. However, I told him he could do all the things the doctor forbid him to do, and assured him not to worry about losing his job because, in two- three days, he could go back to his work.

It is incomprehensible that many doctors immediately offer surgery to patients because of their disbelief in the power of massage. Although, I could not blame them because many massage therapists today are like doctors who are in the profession just because it is a good business.

In my years of practice as massage therapist, back-pain is not as complicated to treat; although at times it becomes very challenging because it needs time to analyze where the problem is coming from.

The only treatment that I use is massage – using my own hands, and with the aid of coconut oil – the most popular for any massage local practitioners.


What are the causes of back-pain and who gets it?

Let me try to explain it by telling about a little of myself. I hope it can give some idea to understand some questions regarding the problem.

I grew up working at the farm. Since we were poor farmers, we have to do all the works ourselves. Bending almost the whole day when you plant rice seedlings. Next, you have to bend again almost the whole day removing the grasses, and replacing those rice seedlings that decayed.

The same thing when harvest time comes, we bend the whole day to harvest. After that, we physically carry the sacks of rice to bring them at the nearest road, where the truck can get it.

In addition, I worked as a construction worker to earn money for my allowance when I was in college. After that, I worked as a baker – helper, drama talent, a teacher, and a caregiver.

All those works gave me back pains, and has given me the chance to know and at least understand the problem.

As we can see, almost anything we do give us back-pain. Whether you are working hard or just sitting down. Lucky are the ones who have not experienced it.

Anyhow, heavy workers’ back-pain always involved the overworked major muscles of our back – and it is real painful. At the onset of this problem, moving makes some of the sufferers shout because of the intolerable pain.

This pain is caused by an inflammation of the muscles of the back. Pain reliever and rest can help. One of the characteristics of this pain is that it goes away as soon as the muscles worked out, and comes back again when you rest. As time goes on, when the problem is not stopped, it will affect the deeper muscles and it results to spinal stenosis.

* Works that triggers back-pain are:

  • Ø Shoveling snow
  • Ø Mining
  • Ø Farming
  • Ø Carpentry
  • Ø Construction works
  • Ø Gardening
  • Ø Other works that would require the strength of the major muscles of the back

While rest from work could stop back pain, a long interval of muscle inactivity is possibly problematic, because this is the time when the attack of a sudden sharp pain where in the feeling of as if a nerve-snapped happens. This is the pain that could challenge massage therapists, especially if the muscle involve is the one attached to the spinal bone.

The question is why is it that weightlifters do not get back-pain, though, they are lifting weights heavier than they are? The answer is because they regularly are doing it, which keep their muscles always toned, and ready for the challenge. That is why, whenever you stop a work or anything you are doing, be sure to always exercise to keep your muscles always healthy to take any challenge when you restart your work again. For health conscious people I think this is not new, especially, players, or athletes. They always have warm-ups, and light practices when there is a long lay-off to prepare themselves – means, their muscles ready to work anytime of notice.

On the other hand, an overworked muscle can give the same problem, which is why it is very important to have always enough breaks in between to give time for the muscles repair itself.


The other pain that I think confusing many of us is the sciatic pain. Sufferers of this problem cannot really explain how and where the pain is coming from. There are times this pain attacks while one is having an attack of back pain, which complicates the problem and gives more confusion. It is, therefore, always important to know the history of the patient’s job in diagnosing the real cause of their pain.

The pain of sciatica in fact is not a real pain, but it is a pain because it could make one uncomfortable of the dull sensation from the center of the lower back going down to the foot. This is the pain that when it is chronic, it will not make you sleep at all – rarely pills can help. Unlike in chronic back-pain where even a touch or little move can make you writhe in pain, sciatica will love the strongest thumb pressure applied on it.

There are two causes of sciatica. One is an overworked muscle on the joints of the hips, lumbosacral joint, and sacroiliac joint, which can be treated easily by the use of a trigger point release of the west, or by the use of acupressure of China or by the use of shiatsu of Japan.

People who usually get this problem are:

  • Office workers
  • Caregivers
  • Carpenters
  • Teachers
  • Drivers
  • People who do not exercise
  • People with abdominal problems
  • Could be a sign of kidney problem
  • Could be a sign of pancreatic problem
  • Could be a sign of prostate problem

My theories on what causes this kind of sciatica are:

  • A prolapsed internal organ
  • There is an “overheating” of the stomach, as a result of digestion, affecting the nearby organs, such as the pancreas, kidney, and other surrounding tissues, and organs.
  • Weakening of the intestines. A sign for this is the soft discharges, which shows that the intestines are not absorbing the water, and all nutrients from the food we ate. When one has this problem, the abdomen becomes gassy, creating balloons within the intestines. Normal feces should be moist and hard just right.
  • Constipation

With these problems, no matter what kind of back massage, chiropractor, or surgery is applied the problem will not be resolved. That is why if the patient is serious to solve the problem then his/her coordination is needed – there must be a 50% effort between him/her and the therapist.

What do you think?

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  • There are lot of root cause of back pain in our life , due to long period of sitting ours and due to other house work ,during pregnancy and by many causes , but what are the solutions for that,without any doctor prescription?

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